The seemingly-harmless term is demeaning and degrading.

I’m a young woman, not yet unleashed into the real world, without much inkling of what my life will be like in a few years time. Lately, I’ve been searching for some semblance of certainty in who I am.

Then, I stumbled on the phrase: ‘career woman’.

A career woman describes a woman whose main priority in life is achieving success in her career and profession. These women can also be described as more interested in her career than in being married and having children. –– Wikipedia

At first, I was overjoyed because this was something I could relate to…

No better way to start the year than a good book.

All of us are glad to be done with 2020. The year has been a painful one for everyone and 2021 offers hope of a fresh beginning. And what better way than to indulge in some young adult novels?

You’ve worked yourself hard enough. Take a break, I promise you deserve it. Reading makes for perfect escapism, the biggest reason being that you don’t feel as bad about binging a book compared to binging Netflix. …

And here’s why you should too.

Okay, I have a confession to make –– I think I’m addicted to binging pilot episodes on Netflix. And when I say binge them, I mean it. I really do tend to overindulge. But it’s not the ‘normal’ kind of binge-watching. I don’t complete the entire season. Instead, I like to pick up a new show and watch the first episode. Most times, I rarely get past the third episode.

But there’s just something about starting a completely new show every time I log onto Netflix. Perhaps it’s some kind of escape mechanism? Maybe I hope that all the trials…

Even a 7 year old could do this!

Financial planning can get quite frustrating as the formulas get more complicated and our patience thins out. The “hard-core” math involved in creating budgets, savings and investing goals, and setting time-frames often deters people from taking care of these important tasks.

Whether you’re creating a retirement plan or explaining compounding to your uncle’s friend’s daughter, there’s no avoiding the math. …

Feminism is about equality and equity for all genders.

I’m a feminist.

No, I don’t hate men.

No, I don’t think all men are evil.

No, I don’t think women are better than men.

Yes, I want equality for all genders.

Yes, I am a feminist.

I’m a feminist. I love being a feminist. Hell, I think everyone should be a feminist. Unfortunately, feminism has gained a pretty bad reputation in the media.

In the 1990s, television evangelist Pat Robertson infamously said:

“The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their…

This time management system will make you a smarter and happier worker.

We live in a world full of distractions. Your smartphone is your biggest frenemy. It can help you connect to other people and even get things done quickly and easily but it also distracts from other tasks.

But the problem doesn’t end there. We are so used to being distracted that we automatically shift our focus from place to place, detracting from the quality of the tasks we do. I’ve made it a habit to keep my phone outside the room when I’m working, but it’s still hard to stay on track and give 100% of my attention to the…

3 Ways to be a more communicative writer and maximize readability

They say getting started with writing is the hardest part, but the truth is: it really doesn’t get any easier. After you’ve found a topic and pinpointed an audience, what do you do next? How do you make sure your writing is easily understandable? Can you you guarantee a reader will get through the whole thing?

It seems like a punch in the gut to writers when we pour our heart and soul into a piece just to receive a pitiful 15 claps. As much as it hurts to say this, there’s no way to make sure a reader will…

Don’t stop investing in yourself.

Most people associate learning with a formal classroom setting. When we think education, we immediately consider a children’s classroom with desks lined up in rows and a large whiteboard upfront. Perhaps you’re reminded of college, or maybe even your high school days.

In both cases, schooling is the first answer because we are raised to believe that education will pave the path to success. I agree! This is absolutely true, but many make a mistake in determining when and where education stops. It doesn’t.

It’s important to realise: learning doesn’t end at the classroom doorstep. It is a lifelong process…

I can’t guarantee a solution to your problem, but I can try to bring a smile to your face.

All of us have experienced a bad day. Perhaps you started the day off in a bad mood and everything after that only made things worse. I get it. You feel tired and frustrated. Perhaps upset. Sad? Mad? I know this article might not solve your problem and it definitely won’t make all of your feelings disappear, but I hope that at least one of these facts will bring a smile to your face. A single smile can do wonders to brighten up your mood and change the course of your day.

Now, let’s get right into it!

Every year…

Kyra Krishna

International student writing on science, personal finance, writing, and diversity.

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